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Bathlettings Ltd is dedicated to providing a complete property management solution from maintenance and repairs to administration and accounts. We are a local business with local knowledge gained from many years working in the city, specifically in Bath and manage several buildings in the city as well as Bristol. 

We work with local surveyors, solicitors, contractors as well as business’s who focus is aimed specifically at safety and fire systems. 

Our portfolio includes Georgian and townhouses to more modern buildings, both large and small.  Because we are local to Bath we have developed an understanding of these type of Buildings as well as developed good links with the owners of the buildings we manage.  

Mixed Ownership

Mixed ownership sites are becoming more popular as the cost of land increases.  Often high-end developments they require a management service that ensures the site is maintained to a high standard.  At Bathlettings Ltd we provide a personalised, quality service to meet the needs of residents of this type of development.

Our Services

We will handle the following aspects of your building/project;

The transfer from one managing agent to Bathlettings Ltd and deal with all aspects that this will entail.


  • Set up new bank account if required.

  • insurance cover remains in place

  • All parties involved in the building are made aware of the change of management (residents/contractors/HMRC)

  • all paperwork is transferred and stored for safe keeping as well as check to make sure said paperwork is correct and up to date.



We can provide or carry forward the following tasks:

  • Cleaning of communal areas.

  • Electrical equipment testing such as gates and lifts, together with wiring (EICR ) checks

  • Fire alarm testing and servicing

  • Fire / Health & Safety Checks

  • Gardening and grounds maintenance

  • Gutter Clearing and Fascia Cleaning

  • Rubbish removal if required

  • Window Cleaning

  • 24/7 Call Out Service


Administration, Governance and Finance

Day to day administration, governance and finance arrangements including:

  • Holding Management and Annual General Meetings.

  • Issuing Service Charge invoices and managing the subsequent collection of funds

  • Issuing Section 21’s if requested/required.

  • Maintain running income and expenditure account, with online view capability for Directors

  • Submitting Annual Return and managing other records at Companies House

  • Paying Contractors and other charges

  • Preparing sales packs for flat sales

  • Preparing and submitting Annual Accounts

  • Preparing annual budgets


Repair & Maintenance Projects

These can include, but are not fixed:

  • Obtaining: Initial assessments of work required and looking for Specifications and tenders

  • Quotes

  • Preparing Budget

  • Project Plans 

  • Ensuring:

  • Work is carried out in a timely manner and in accordance with the specification

  • All Health and Safety matters are addressed

  • Work is appropriately signed off

  • Invoices get paid in a timely manner

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sept.2020 - New King Street.JPG

New King


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