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Holiday Homes being considered for change

Government considering planning consent for short lets

The Government could potentially be asking landlords who use properties for short or holiday lets to apply for planning permission first.

This could be used to slow down the growing trend of landlords using properties for holiday-makers and weekend break visits instead of looking to the local rental market with the intent of encouraging local residents in the community in areas that are attractive to both holiday and weekend users whether this is in cities or areas such as Cornwall and Devon.

This usage of these properties has caused a decrease in available rental properties in these areas and an increase in property prices which would potentially be available for local people and making life difficult for low-income families.

This requirement would not be retrospective but would apply to existing landlords who intend switching to short lets.

This is one of three proposals which the Housing secretary is currently considering, the others being a ban on new-build homes being sold as holiday properties and an increase in the portion of houses being built being designated as ‘affordable’.

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