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Scaffolding Success

After many months of planning alongside our contracted surveyor (SM Harris & Associates) primarily working with Chris O'Brian, Chris in particular was extremely knowledgeable and calm whenever we encountered a situation, which is inevitable on such projects as these.

We were able to achieve planning permission from BANES with the prime goal of replacing most of our roof on Duke Street. This project was many months in the planning, ensuring we met the criteria set out by the local authority and working closely with the owners of the building, who were very supportive and great to work with on this expensive and detailed project.

Little did we know we would also require an ecological report for the environmental impact on natural wildlife in the area. A big thank you to Alder Ecology and Roger Martindale who made it all happen and produced the report in time for the planners. Due to the location of the building we found we were in the flight path of our local wildlife bat who use the Avon River as its natural habitat and source for food.

Once the works start I will return and give an updated report on how our roofers, Steve Isaacs are getting on.

For further information on how Bathlettings ltd can help you with your building and the management of your building check out our Management building page. We have extensive experience of such contracts working in Bath and Bristol from relatively large buildings to smaller contracts. The key to our success is good relationship with our owners and working hard to build and continue to retain these relationship in order to ensure all parties are happy and above all the building and having excellent working relationships with local and trusted contractors who have specialist knowledge of their field, such relationships are the corner stone to our success and we are extremely grateful and fortunate to have such a trusted group of contractors on board with us.

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